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Complement to the treatment of common diseases.

Our formulas are based on home-made recipes.

“Had a wisdom tooth removed . Was in severe pain until I took Calmadol one pill and it worked effective and quick. No longer in pain and feeling better”


“Was prescribed for menstrual cramps and it worked great. Never felt pain and this is the only narcotic analgesic that doesn’t make me feel nauseated.”


“I ended up falling off some stairs and had to get stitches, staples on my HEAD.. I got these pills for my pain and I got to say; They Working Great..”


Sanaflu Xtra has been the only thing that has helped me. I felt relief from sinus headache in a matter of an hour. I have used a lot of other products but I need to say this is my favorite by far! I can sleep at night.

Jerry L.

2 Weeks of Misery I had a severe cold for almost 2 weeks. I used generic formulas from several stores and I got some relief, but not much. I just took Sanaflu Xtra this morning and I feel better than I have in 2 weeks. It is a miracle! Thank you!


Thank You! Thank you for rescuing me! I swear by Sanaflu Xtra when I have a cold. We’ve tried many other products and this is the only one that gives us fast relief and allows us to return to school/work without looking and feeling ill. Love it.


Finally, Relief I have tried almost everything on the market to help with my sinus headaches. My daughter told me to try Sanaflu Xtra. Thank heavens I did!


Best Stuff Ever I’ve tried all the other “Cold” products and none of them compare. I don’t care when they hassle me to show a driver’s license to purchase it at the Walgreen’s either. It’s worth it.


Works Wonders I used Sanaflu Xtra for the first time today and it works just as the pharmacist said. I have a cold with a headache and nasal congestion. It started working within 20-30 minutes after taking it. Relieved my headache and nasal congestion!


Great Product Sanaflu Xtra: it lets you work, function and go about your daily activities feeling a lot better when you have a nasty cold and don’t even want to get out of bed. Thank you for a great product that delivers.


I want to express my gratitude to MATA PIOJOS for not only eliminating the lice from my daughter’s hair, but for treating her so kindly. Lice is stressful for the whole family and we were thrilled to be free of those nasty critters. It was well worth the price to be lice free. Thanks


When we got lice again, there was no way I could deal with it again. The last time we had this it took me almost 2 months to get rid of it. One call and the next day we were all cleared of lice and the nits. MATA PIOJOS is an amazing product.

Jessica M.

Got the nasty letter from school and sure enough my 2 girls with beautiful long hair had lice. I have never had lice before. Not only were you able to calm my hysteria but my girls loved you. In fact they want to come back just to see you again. It was nice to know after hearing all the horror stories that we didn’t have to use the harsh chemicals and myself spending hours and hours nitpicking. I did the follow up as instructed and we are still lice free. Many many thanks.

Greta O.

When we got lice again, there was no way I could deal with it again. The last time we had this it took me almost 2 months to get rid of it. One call and the next day we were all cleared of lice and the nits. MATA PIOJOS is an amazing product.

July M.

I was totally freaked out to discover lice in my daughter’s extremely thick and long hair. I had never experienced lice before and didn’t even know where to begin. MATA PIOJOS was the perfect answer.

Sofia M.

Fall of 2010 when four of our five family members contracted lice. My middle child caught it from a classmate at her elementary school and it spread through the family, despite what I thought were diligent efforts to get rid of the lice. In fact, we tried many products and services to eradicate the lice from our hair and our home, two prescription medications and a professional nitpicker. None of these worked and we had been trying to address lice outbreak for nearly four weeks when I heard about MATA PIOJOS. I’m pleased to say this product treatment worked miraculously! We were lice free in 5 days. It is worth every penny.

Carmen O.

MATA PIOJOS really helped us out recently when my daughter brought lice home from school. Because it’s so easy to spread, my whole family became infected. We tried every chemical on the market to get rid of them, completely sanitized the whole house, washed every article of clothing in hot water and dried in a hot dryer, but nothing seemed to work and we kept finding the lice. I felt really uncomfortable about using the harsh chemicals on my kids, but felt I had no other choice to get rid of our problem – I was desperate. Fortunately a friend told us about MATA PIOJOS this is a non-toxic lice treatment for the little ones. What a relief that was! Fortunately the treatment worked and we’ve been lice free ever since!

Jessica O.

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All our products are based on home made recipes and complying with all regulations of the health authorities.